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Beauty center Reina is one of only 10 centers in Bulgaria which are authorized to work with WELLA SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL. We offer a unique service – a personalized EnergyCode for the client’s hair and scalp.

Our hairstylist is trained, with the help of an app, to find the right combination of products, tailored to one’s needs, especially for scalp and hair. We use the EnergyCode™ Complex of New System Professional. This is a technology designed to restore the hair’s natural lipid balance and make it visibly healthier. This method is tailored to the needs of each client. By mapping each hair energy profile, we can prescribe a unique EnergyCode for each individual. We make our selection from more than 174 million combinations. We are proud that beauty center Reina is one of the few centers in Bulgaria authorized to work with this innovative technology.

For our male customers’, we also offer special BARBER care with products by SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL.

Some of our most sought-after hair salon therapies are:

Hyaluronic acid therapy. It restores the natural shine, vitality and elasticity of hair of any type. It uses active ingredients such as keratin, hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Aphlexior therapy. It uses 3 highly concentrated active ingredients, which acting together have a very beneficial and deep restorative effect. It improves hair elasticity, shine and softness. It is used both as a stand-alone therapy and as part of hair lightening products. It ensures complete protection of hair against damage and breakage.

Re-New Hyaluron. Washing with revitalizing shampoo, applying hyaluronic filler, mask and bee-venom based mineral serum.


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Kalinka Ivanova

“If you want to feel like a princess, this is the only place ❤ Professional attitude, special attention, super cleanliness and coziness in which to spend hours in beauty treatments and at the same time make you feel like a few minutes in a spa. I recommend the best are! And for the equipment I have no words last "hit"!”

Natalia Chilrilkova

“The quality of the offered services and the service is at an exceptional level. I highly recommend the VelaShape III procedure to fight cellulite!”

Mariela Borisova

“I am very satisfied with the professional attitude and the results of every procedure!”

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