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Manicure and pedicure are an essential part of the small pleasures in our daily lives which make us feel good and welcomed and raise our self-esteem. When done at our salon, they are not just an colourful enjoyment but also a relaxing experience. Our pedicure stations offer a real SPA experience. In addition, you can always bring a friend and enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee while chatting with each other and enjoying your pedicure.

We work exclusively with the brand GELISH, which is in the top 3 of the best nail care products on the world market. We offer both classic procedures and more fancy ones such as nail art building and aquarium nail art.

Our specialists are certified, have good artistic skills and a ton of European awards and prizes.

The pedicure procedure is exceptionally relaxing for the client. In order to guarantee high quality of our pedicure, we work with FOOTLOGIX – a product range that meets all the requirements and needs of the client.

Some of our most sought-after services are:

Gel manicure with Gelish. Perfect gel manicure for all who look for longer-lasting manicure. Nail shaping, cuticle cleaning, applying gel-based polish and finishing with gentle massage (decoration of your choice).

Nail art maintenance with Gelish Polygel. Nail shaping, cuticle cleaning, nail reconstruction to the desired shape, one colour classic or gel polishing and finishing with proper hand skin care and gentle massage.

Gel pedicure. Feet relaxation in aromatic salt foot bath, nail shaping, cleaning the feet and nail cuticles, one colour gel polishing and finishing with proper foot skin care and gentle massage. (decoration of your choice).

Quick pedicure. Quick toenail care for the busiest people. Nail shaping, cuticle cleaning, one colour (of your choice) classic or gel polishing.



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Kalinka Ivanova

“If you want to feel like a princess, this is the only place ❤ Professional attitude, special attention, super cleanliness and coziness in which to spend hours in beauty treatments and at the same time make you feel like a few minutes in a spa. I recommend the best are! And for the equipment I have no words last "hit"!”

Natalia Chilrilkova

“The quality of the offered services and the service is at an exceptional level. I highly recommend the VelaShape III procedure to fight cellulite!”

Mariela Borisova

“I am very satisfied with the professional attitude and the results of every procedure!”

Sonya Yankova

“A wonderful place with a great team of professionals! Laser hair removal is the best I've tried I had a result after the first procedure. Paradise hair therapy is a must if you want to fall in love with your hair, and the professional cosmetics she recommended are phenomenal, the shine and softness are noticed by all my friends! I recommend it to every lady!”

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