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Laser hair removal is a reliable and completely safe method for long-term removal of unwanted hair from the face and body. While traditional hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing are only temporary solutions causing a great degree of discomfort, redness or even infections, laser hair removal is a painless, fast and extremely effective method. After a course of several procedures, it is completely possible that you won’t have to worry about unwanted hair for years to come. Laser hair removal also helps in the treatment of ingrown hairs, folliculitis, and improves the condition of your skin.

After a course of several laser hair removal procedures, the skin in the treated area becomes soft, smooth and even rejuvenated.

Treatment Benefits


The treatment is completely painless. You will feel heat.


The treatment is safe. It is not recommended only for pregnant women or during breastfeeding period.


The treatment is fast and ca be done during lunch break.


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Here are the answers to your questions

What are the benefits of hair removal with PRIME LASE HR?

Long-lasting hair removal is quickly achieved by selective removal of the hairs which are in the anagen growth phase. This means that in one procedure, only about 25% of the hairs can be destroyed. Therefore, a series of 6 to 10 procedures is needed to achieve complete hair reduction. The pigment in the hair (melanin) attracts the laser beam and the laser light transforms into heat. The hair conducts this heat to the hair follicle, which is destroyed by the high temperature. Laser hair removal with PRIME LASE HR helps to remove cystic hairs and to resolve follicle problems, hypertrichosis and hidradenitis.

How many procedures will I need?

Because we can only remove hairs which are in the anagen phase of growth, laser removal of unwanted hair requires several sessions. The number of sessions depends on the treated area, the thickness and colour of the hair, the skin type and the specific needs of each patient. Most often, 6 to 10 procedures are needed to achieve the best results. Some people, of course, need fewer sessions, while others need more, so it varies depending on the individual. Therefore, take a preliminary consultation with our specialist, who will explain to you the procedure in detail.

What is the interval between the procedures?

The frequency of the procedures depends on the area in which they are performed. In the face area (upper lip, chin, sideburns, cheeks, cheekbones, neck, nape), the procedures are performed at every 30-40 days. This is because the anagen (active) growth phase of the facial hairs is very short - about a month. Laser hair removal in areas such as arms, armpits, chest, back, abdomen or privates is performed at every 45 to 60 days, as this is the time span of the active growth of the hairs in these areas. For hairs on the legs, the procedure is performed at every 60 to 90 days (2-3 months) for the same reason.

Is the procedure safe?

The procedure is completely safe. Lasers have been used in the field of medicine for more than 50 years. During that time, there are no reports of unresolved adverse effects after laser hair removal treatment.

Are there any adverse effects?

The risks are minimal and most of them are manageable. The most common effects include redness, residual erythema and perifollicular edema, which usually resolve within a day or two.

Is hair removal with PRIME LASE HR permanent?

Through successive sessions, PRIME LASE HR progressively eliminates active follicles (hairs in anagen growth phase). In certain cases, there are several factors which could activate currently inactive follicles. Hormonal changes, for example, are some of these factors.

Is the procedure painful?

For most patients the procedure is painless, although some people feel discomfort, heat or tingling. Other patients feel mostly a cold sensation from the cooling tip of the device.

How long does the procedure take?

The duration of the procedure depends on the size of the treated area. The upper lip may take no longer than 5 minutes, armpits take 15 minutes and the legs range between half an hour to an hour.

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