It’s Time for Girls!

From the “Girls of the City” who wrote about us!

Admit it, how often do you want to turn off your phone, escape from the dynamics of the working day, leave your children with their father and “hide” somewhere where you will do something just for yourself? It is difficult to afford these small escapes, but how necessary they are sometimes – not only to feel calmer, but also more beautiful. This is exactly the kind of escape I allowed myself on a September afternoon. I needed to raise my confidence level. Urgent! I chose the new Reina aesthetic center. The place where beauty happens and which I have already told you about. I decided to leave it in the hands of their professionals to take care of the autumn with the most elegant manicure and pedicure. We first started by taking care of the notes on my hands and I took a break to indulge in sweet talk with the girls who work here. Simply because this way the moments pass even more pleasantly and imperceptibly. It is no coincidence that I chose my manicure to be in beige. First, because in this respect I am a total classic and I rarely experiment with something bright (red does not count, and for him I am waiting for it to become even more autumn).

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